Traditional Morning Suit

The traditional morning suit consists of a black wool tailcoat, dove grey waistcoat and striped trouser, with changing fashions our range has grown to include many alternatives in colour, fabric and waistcoat choice. Morning suits in grey and navy Herringbone are available, accompanied by matching or striped trousers; we have also recently added lightweight mohair tailcoats to our collection in Silver Grey and Navy. For the coming season, the introduction of the NEW charcoal grey mohair has added to our ever growing collection. Top Hats are also available in a variety of colours.

Edwardian Jackets

The Edwardian Jacket is a popular alternative to the morning suit; it is generally worn unbuttoned and is of longer length finishing at mid thigh. Our range includes a wool herringbone jacket in a colour palette of black, charcoal grey, navy or chocolate brown. Matching trousers can be worn for all colour options, with the addition of pinstripe trousers being available in navy and grey. For those who desire or prefer it, perhaps for an overseas wedding, we have a lightweight beige suit option available for hire. A brocade Edwardian jacket in Ivory or Black is also included in our extensive range.

Victorian Frockcoat

The Victorian frockcoat is a knee length jacket that features decorative buttons and the same attention to detail on the rear as a tailcoat; it is usually accompanied by striped trousers and can be an alternative choice for those desiring a traditional wedding outfit. We have available a choice of navy or black herringbone wool jackets, and for those who want to complete the vintage look the cane and top hat can be the idea l addition.

Lounge Suits

For those who wish for a more relaxed approach then the lounge suit is a perfect choice, the jacket length is that of a regular suit, but it can still be accompanied if desired by waistcoat, neckwear and dress shoe. A selection of fabrics are available and can be teamed with our extensive selection of waistcoats and neckwear colour choices. With some suits we can offer a matching waistcoat to create a three piece that can be styled to create a simple yet striking outfit.

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