The following information is applicable to our six showrooms only. For stockist bookings please contact your local stockist.

How do I contact Peter Posh?

Do I need to make an appointment?

How long in advance should I book and when do we all have to come to be fitted?

What is the initial payment?

Do I have to leave a security deposit?

How much does a suit cost?

When can I collect the suits?

When do I return the suits?

Can I book my outfit in one showroom and collect from another?

Can members of my wedding party be measured at another showroom?

One/some of the gents in the wedding party are not local to any of the showrooms, what can I do?

Can I return my outfit(s) to another showroom?

I need my suit for a longer period of time/ am flying abroad, is this possible?

What age does boys wear start from?

What are the biggest sizes available?

What is the size range of your top hats?

Can I purchase ex-hire wear?

I want to buy my suit/outfit NEW, can I?

Do you hire dinner suits for boys?

Can I get colour samples of the actual cravat/tie fabric in you range?

Do you offer accidental damage insurance (ADW) on outfits?

Are the Peter Posh Showrooms open on Bank Holidays?

Do you make suits?

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